Travel to Europe - is it worth it?

The answer to this question is easy - of course yes! But lets take a closer look at the reasons that makes traveling to Europe an extraordinary experience and a big opportunity to boost your future professional career

1. Good innovative universities - Education is one of the most important goal for European countries because its one of the crucial pillars for strong economy and guarantee of innovation In the future. That’s why according to new data in Europe there are more than 2700 universities offering wide range of possible careers for future students. Some of the universities have a long tradition dating back as far as XI century! Even better news is that nowadays most of the universities are open for foreigners and offer many programs in English

2. Internationally respected degrees - did you know that in 2020 over 1,45 milion foreigners were studying in Europe? The most attractive thing for so many applicants each year is that the diplomas from European universities are internationally respected and let them start a well paid job in their countries but also start their life in European Union.

3. Meet new culture - Europe is a very interesting destination for many foreigners. It attracts with its rich history dating back from ancient greece, they philosophers and free thinkers that set the base for European culture and democracy, the Roman Empire that united whole Europe economically and culturally with constant development of art and technology, through middle ages with many philosophers to early modern period with many important inventors and politicians that changed the way we see the world nowadays. This blend of cultures makes Europe a unique destination for tourists and international students

4. Meet interesting people - Europe is a very friendly place and open for foreigners. During your trips or studying you can take advantage of it and increase your net of contacts with many friends that can be very valuable in your future career and become a additional boost for development of international contact in modern world

5. Modern technology - a long tradition of innovation and rich history makes Europe a unique place to travel, study and become a part of a big technological change that takes place now. The technological change with respect for environment, to save it for our future generations